Villa Verma

Villa Verma lies in the center of Verma, at the top of Romsdalen. It is an older, renovated log home with enough room for up to 10 people.

Villa Verma offers guiding and overnight accommodation. The home can be rented for a minimum time of one weekend, and can be prepared with a guide and cook if so is desired.

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Guide to all peaks in Romsdalen

Villa Verma is owned by Tore Klokk. He runs the guide firm “Tinder and Banditter” which have been guiding in Romsdalen since 1999.

By staying with Villa Verma, Tore Klokk offers mountain guiding, hiking and a basic climbing course for the motivated visitors. On “Tinder and Banditter's” home page you can read about the various optional trips you can choose.

On many of the trips you must climb in order to reach the top. Climbing equipment are included in the price, and the guides are locally familiar and experienced. Normally the amount of participants per trip is between 2-4 individuals.

On easier, lighter trips this rises up to 8 participants per guide. If you or your group have a specific wish or goal, then just ask! We try our best to adjust towards your wishes.


Climbing Course for Beginners

Some wish to try climbing because they are curious and want to try it out. Some want to learn the basic techniques in order to start small on their own.

We want to recommend on taking the beginners course. The goal is to teach you to fare safely in the steep terrain.

During the winter the possibilities for ice-climbing are excellent. You will find easy, short and easily accessible routes but also long and challenging routes for experts. Villa Verma can offer both ice-climbing equipment and an instructor for those who wish to try for their first time!


“Seven Summits Romsdalen”

Seven Summits is a term used for the 7 highest peaks on our 7 continents. To climb all 7 is considered a challenge within mountain sports.

In Norway there are 8 people who have completed this challenge. In Romsdalen we have a local version of Seven Summits, as a paralell to the considerately more expensive and difficult original version, which was launched by Richard Bass in the mid 80's.

Tinder and Banditter have been guiding on the finest mountains in Romsdalen for the last 15 years. There are 7 specific ones that stand out as considerately more challenging and beautiful. We have set up so you can conquer each of the 7 peaks in 7 days. The challenge we have called “Seven Summits Romsdalen”. Norwegian Mountainfestival has also a concept which they call “Mountainking and Mountainqueen”. It's on the same peaks, and you must send in a picutre from each peak as documentation of your climb. After completing the challenge you can buy a t-shirt as proof of your accomplishment.

7 peaks in 7 days is very physically demanding, so you need to be motivated and in good shape. You will maybe meet slippery rockeries, hard snowdrifts, loose stone blocks, fog, rain and wind. But hopefully also sun, warmth, dry granite and fantastic views. We'll keep going no matter what. 7 peaks in one week. Are you ready for Seven Summits Romsdalen?

The number of participants is set to a maximum of 4 people. You will be lodged at Villa Verma where food, guiding and transportation is included. It will be a demanding week and therefore it is important that everything is in order.

Seven Summits Romsdalen: Romsdalshorn, Store Trolltind, Kongen, Dronninga, Vengetind, Juratind and Kvanndalstind


Waterfall-Climbing During the Summer

This is an experience packed trip along the waterfalls and rapids and steep cliffs and gorges from Brøstet and a few kilometers down towards Rødstøl/Verma.

You will get to experience the river up close. During the spring powerful forces are released from the river and it is both fascinating and fearsome to see all the water rush by. We cross the river multiple places via aerial cables to traverse in the steep terrain. Each participant will be given climbing equipment and get exposed to various situations that may be mentally challenging.



We facilitate for an exciting and varied hike in 3 stages. We'll first bicycle up to Brustuglia to Sandgrovbotn, and will continue towards Grøttavannet.

The trip will go across gravel roads in an open mountain terrain. When one arrives at Grøttavannet we'll leave our bicycles and pack out backpacks in canoes. We'll paddle across Grøttavannet and will arrive on the east side of Tverrberget. The boats will be laid by Grøttabu's boathouse, and from here we'll travel westward towards Gluterholet and go down towards Erstaddalen. We'll be picked up there and driven back to Verma. On the way home one can stop for dinner and a cold beverage by the docks at Åndalsnes. The trip can also be taken the opposite way. It will then have a tougher start with a steeper incline. This is an excellent trip through the inner parts of the Romsdals mountains.


Villa Verma's Activities House!

Villa Verma is a large and eventful house. The houses basement has it's own workshop, bathroom and washingroom. On the main floor there's a kitchen, livingroom, TV/bedroom and large bath.

On the second floor you'll find a living/bedroom, gym/bedroom and a small bathroom. In the loft there is a climbingwall and a bedroom with 2 double beds. In addition there is enough room for 4-6 people on mattresses in the climbing room. The house can fit for either guys- or girls- group trip. It can fit for 1-2 families with children, which will appreciate the playroom/climbing room with soft foam landing. Also for those who wish to hike up a mountain in Romsdalen and need a guide and information, this is a good starting point.

If there are 4 people who participate in the “Seven Summits Romsdalen” with a guide from Villa Verma you will get the whole house and all it's resources at your disposal. Outside the house there is a large terrace with a yard with optional activities including for example table tennis or archery. There is also a shelter, or “gapahuk”, which can be used as a gathering spot during the evening.


Location and Possibilites by Verma

From Verma (300 masl) it is only 10 minutes away from Bjorli skicenter (600 masl). Bjorli is considered to have the most consistent and stable amounts of snow and is one of the first to open in Norway.

You will discover miles of good cross-country ski paths in beautiful forest terrain. From verma it is about 30 minute drive down Romsdalen to Åndalsnes by the fjord. It is hard to say which areas are better than others. Generally speaking the whole area around Verma is an Eldorado for all forms of outdoor activities. Verma borders to for example Reinheimen national park.

At Verma you will find 5 climbing areas with bolted routes. They lie easily accessible in beautiful river landscape. You will find beautiful paths in areas for those who enjoy mountain biking with fully suspended bicycle. The area is beginning to become popular amongst bicyclists.

The river can be utilized for paddling canoe or kayak. You will find extreme routes as well as long, flat and calm ones where you can glide down the beautiful Romsdalen.

Bicycles and canoes can be rented at Villa Verma. We can pick up and drive both people and equipment facilitate for exciting mountain hikes where bicycles and boats are prepared so you can travel on your own.



I 1913 fikk en jødisk mann ved navn Karpohl, satt opp et hus på Verma. Dette skulle være en butikk i forbindelse med anleggsarbeidet på Raumabanen.  Like ved butikken var en smie og et stort redskapshus der arbeiderne fikk levert ut arbeidsredskap som de trengte hver dag.




Villa Verma

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